Respect The Rhythm Of The Child

Children are sometimes subject to very complex rhythms for their little ages. The most telling example is still to evoke the babysitting of an infant. Thus, if you keep a baby a few months, it is unthinkable not to listen to his own pace, to lock on his schedule. It will sometimes be necessary to shake up your habits, to give a meal at odd hours, to sleep a child at the nap because it is exhausted … Applied to the biggest, again, it will be necessary to be listening to the children, their rhythms, their desires, their needs. You might have thought of organizing a game, a lot of fun if the child is moody, febrile, privileged a quieter time, based on the exchange,

Stay In One’s Place

The role of a babysitter can sometimes be ambivalent. You are asked, on the one hand, to take over from parents, to provide a safe, warm, caring, tender, available, while wishing, to another extent, that you know how to stay in your place, that of an outside person who comes to take care of one or more children. Thus, it is essential not to over-encroach on the life of the child in your care, even if it is done on a regular basis, but you still need to succeed in establishing a relationship that is rich in benefits with a child. you will rub more or less regularly … Here is a stature sometimes complicated to establish …

Accountability To Parents

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is essential to remember that the bosses, those who hire you, are the parents … With this in mind, and also because you understand that parents want to know what you did with their children, n not hesitate to use again and again the report . At the time of the coming back of the parents, specify in particular, the general state of the child(he was excited, tired, cheerful, feverish …) while informing about what you did together (we played lego, read a story, play at the park …) and if necessary, talk about meals taken together … In another measure, it is important to mention the positive moments as well as the more complicated moments. If there were tears, anger, you must also know how to say it. If you had to scold a child, tell his parents, nothing should be you!

Be Available Even In The Last Minute

It happens, to overcome the vagaries or unforeseen that the parents of the child that you keep call you, exceptionally, at the last minute, because they need your services in the coming hours. If this is possible, that you are not engaged in essential activities, know to show you available. If it happens that parents you do not know (through announcement, or word of mouth) contact you for childcare, at the last minute, use your services, again, it would be appreciable that you can answer their request! Be aware however that from a tariff point of view, last-minute babysitting missions can be paid more!