Tips For Being A Babysitter Loved By Children And Parents

Admittedly, it is not given to everyone to know how to properly take care of children, small pieces of young children, or even sometimes tumultuous adolescents and sometimes it is necessary to show a remarkable patience … Nevertheless, far from the utopian illusions, if we dwell on the figures of the babysitting market, we must recognize that, whatever the regions of the Hexagon, there are hundreds, thousands of people, ready to give service, for about 10 euros an hour, to parents wishing to have their children looked after …

Thus, if you wish to be able to develop a significant clientele , you can take care of several children, within a different family, while increasing your chances, through word of mouth, to be called by new parents, he is essential to bring a work, a service of quality … Remember when the rascals will run in all the directions, in the living room, seeking by all possible means to test your limits, the parents of these cute little monsters, will probably not have a lot of trouble finding a new person to do babysitting hours, but you will have to go back to ads and hope your phone rings … So, we smile, if need be, we’ll weapon of patience and above all we follow the10 tips from a babysitter at the topĀ  !

Meeting The Needs Of Parents

Although you spend most of your time with children, your bosses, those to whom you have to report and meet , those are just as much parents. Thus, you should, as far as possible, be able to meet their expectations: an occasional guard , an almost daily guard, schedules sometimes late at night, on weekends, working during the holidays … If sometimes, you may want to go out you also on your side, enjoy a few days of respite, or a long weekend, you must above all, within reason, meet the expectations of parents, who will normally take the trouble to notify you in advance, so you have time to organize yourself.

However, it has happened that some babysitters have to deal with the needs sometimes completely irrelevant of parents, in this case, do not hesitate to say no, to make you hear. You are there to babysit, cleaning, ironing or any other outdoor tasks cannot be part of you babysitting hours!

Know How To Be Safe And Caring

Keeping children is not an easy task, and if there is one point you need to be aware of, it’s all about the safety of the children in your care. When the rascals are small, they never lose an opportunity to run, to move in all directions, and their little mischievous minds like to imagine a thousand and one turns sometimes very dangerous … Know, in this kind of case, ask the frame do not hesitate to scold a child who would put himself in danger. Parents will not hesitate to use your services and give you more freedom in activities if you know how to be safe …

Be careful, however, it’s not about screaming at all, you must instead try to allow the child you have custody to spend pleasant moments without his parents, know how to show you present, caring and warm !

Be Punctual And Mature

It is there, a set of quality absolutely essential to pretend to be an effective babysitter, which will not belong to meet a certain success. You must be on time to meet the needs of your clients and their children. We can not imagine a babysitter who would pick up a child at school half an hour late, or who would arrive at the parents’ home on a Saturday night, an hour late … On the one hand, he This is a lack of effective respect, but be assured that parents and children, if they can understand that the mistake is coming, will not accept that it becomes a habit.

Maturity is also an essential virtue of a person wishing to do good babysitting. It is unthinkable to want to take care of the children of others, even if we behave like a child, children could understand your faults and play, just as parents might doubt your ability to take care of their offspring! If you are not asked to behave like real adults, you are nevertheless asked to be mature!

Suggest Activities

For successful babysitting, it is more than desirable to consider some activities. For example, if parents are using your child care services on a Saturday night, do not just turn on the television. On the other hand, a babysitter must bring with her, her world, know how to entertain children. Do not hesitate to go out of the board games, tell stories, organize small games. As part of more regular babysitting, it is appreciable, if the parents allow it to offer the child activities such as a trip to the park, a walk, a bike ride!